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If you are ready to increase your production volume to meet the demand for your products, automating your processes is the key. CNC machines improve process cycle time, dimensional accuracy and reliability of the manual operations they replace. But with automation comes the barrier of high initial machines costs. Buying a fully functional used CNC Workstation is the way around this barrier. You can dramatically increase your shop’s capabilities at a substantial discount to the cost of all new machines.


In the glass industry, CNC machines are chiefly used for high-speed edging and beveling of glass that is already close to its final shape and size – shower doors, for example, or glass tables. But your pre-owned CNC machine doesn’t have to be used on glass if you have a suitable application made from another rigid material.


A CNC work center is a high-quality, multi-capability machine that can perform not just edging and beveling, but also drilling and cutting functions, all under computer control. Let a Glass Machinery Direct representative help you assess the best pre-owned machine choices, and assist you in finding exactly what you need, including financing and training on the machines.

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