Edging Machines

All glass needs edge treatments of some kind to make it safe to handle, to avoid potential crack-starters, and for some applications, to provide a pleasing appearance. Sometimes the goal is simply for the glass edge to be neat and smooth. In other applications, the edge treatment is part of the design of a high-end glass product with an exposed edge. So just about every glass manufacturer needs at least a simple seaming machine.

A seaming machine is used to put a small chamfer on the edges of glass whose edges will later be hidden by some type of framing. Manual seaming machines are affordable to begin with, and pre-owned seamers are very accessible financially for the low-volume producer. A CNC workstation could be programmed to perform a seaming operation, so clearly, the more automation associated with a seamer, the more expensive it will be.

A single-edge edger/beveler is designed to leave a functionally safe and reliable glass edge that is aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the grinding tools selected and the number of tool spindles on the machine, a range of angles and double angles can be cut into the glass edge in one pass. Edge treatment equipment that processes one edge at a time can be found to match either a horizontal or a vertical-orientation production line. A double-edge edger / beveler, on the other hand, will always be in the horizontal position because it would be far more difficult to reliably manage the grinding and polishing of both glass edges simultaneously in the vertical position.

The used edging and beveling machines in this section are good value propositions: You can buy a lot more function in a pre-owned machine for the price of a new one, or you can conserve funds for other projects. If you have an edger / beveler configuration in mind that you don’t see here, contact Glass Machinery Direct for assistance in finding the perfect machine for your shop.

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