Glass Storage

Glass sheets are surprisingly strong, but they still require a certain amount of care in handling. They are usually easiest to handle and access when stored vertically. That’s why so many storage options have been created over the years. Glass storage systems range from simple A-frame or harp rack hand carts to fully automated racking systems that can automatically retrieve the right large glass sheet, carefully place it on the loader for the next operation, whether vertical or horizontal, and even place the completed products back into the rack. Specialized features protect low-E glass coatings, tempered glass and insulated window assemblies.

Storing glass safely and keeping track of which glass belongs with which customer order are key to an orderly and efficient production process. Hand cart storage racks are relatively cheap, but a brand new, mechanized large-sheet pick and place system can be a substantial expense. A used glass racking system is a great way to make capital investment dollars in your plant work twice as hard for you. You can even afford to buy a pre-owned system with capabilities your process can grow into using over time.

Contact your Glass Machinery Direct representative for help closing the deal on a pre-owned glass storage system that will fit the available space in your shop and give you the tracking and racking features you need.

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