Glass Trucks

In delivering quality products, the last mile is the most important. Transporting finished architectural glass to the customer requires a quality mobile glass rack. At Glass Machinery Direct, you can find pre-owned glass trucks with racks, or just the rack itself, ready to be installed on your truck. Racks can be mounted on the outside of any pick-up truck or van, with maximum rack size determined by the size of the vehicle. To protect glass from any possibility of damage during transport, racks are available on slide-out tracks mounted inside the vehicle.

Glass racks are engineered to protect glass sheets and window assemblies from road bumps and vibration. The glass typically rests on rubber pads and is held securely in place with cleats or poles with an adjustable tensioning mechanism.

If you need to add to your glass delivery fleet, a used glass truck / rack gets you past the steep part of the equipment depreciation curve and gets you on the road to your customers. Contact Glass Machinery Direct for assistance connecting to a seller with the glass truck or rack that meets your needs

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