Insulated Glass Machines

Manufacturing insulated glass windows is simple, but not easy. Depending on your current level of process automation or what upgrades you want to make, Glass Machinery Direct can help you find manual, semi-automatic or fully automated machines to prepare spacer bar, assemble and press windows, and perform final sealing.

Machines that you will find under this heading include:

  • Spacer Bar Bending Machines – From the simplest bend-assist machines to sophisticated production equipment that automatically handles spacer bar feeding and customized sizes, if a used machine is available through Glass Machinery Direct, you will find it in this section.
  • Spacer Bar Desiccant Fillers – Vibratory filling machines provide maximum desiccant surface area for capturing moisture between insulated window panes, preventing condensation on the inner glass surfaces.
  • Application Tables – everything from the simplest manual table to automatic assembly + hot / cold pressing machines.
  • Argon Gas Filling Machines – for filling the space between insulated window panes with thermally efficient argon gas.
  • Hot Melt Butyl Extruders – for applying and shaping the final window sealing material. Machines at every step along the manual-to-fully-automatic spectrum are advertised here.
  • Caster Tables – A simple machine that helps your work crew avoid changing the orientation of the in-process glass while speeding it on its way to the next operation can make a big difference in productivity. Look for an affordable, functional option in this section.

Or maybe you aren’t looking for an individual machine, you are looking for a full production line. We often have groups of related equipment for sale. If you are looking for full-featured assembly line along with loading and unloading tables, and glass sheet storage systems compatible with automatic operations, we may have ready-to-use pre-owned equipment available for you to browse.

Whether you need one machine to upgrade your insulated glass window assembly process, or you are looking to start from the ground up with economical insulated glass window machinery, we can help you find the equipment you need. Some of the machines you may need have their own categories, so if you don’t see it here, be sure to check out our other Inventory headings. Contact a Glass Machinery Direct representative with questions or to get assistance.

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