Laminate Cutting Machines

Laminated glass is supposed to be tough to break, so cutting it to size requires specialized cutting machines. Automatic laminate cutting machines are typically highly sophisticated, fully automated – and expensive – workstations with multiple tools carried on the X-Y bridge and accurate positioning tooling for scoring and breaking the top and bottom glass sheets without tearing the interior plastic film, and the capacity to heat the film and cut it so that it retracts to form a smooth edge.

If you are looking to expand your product offerings or increase your throughput of laminated glass, buying a pre-owned laminate cutting machine is a smart move: you can buy a lot more capability for the money when you choose a used machine that is in good working order, ready to run. The deals offered here through Glass Machinery Direct will give you a leg up on owning full-featured laminated glass cutters made by highly respected original equipment manufacturers. If you need a machine that you don’t see advertised here, let us use our network of glass machinery contacts to help you find what you need.

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