Laminating Machines

Glass Machinery Direct offers used laminating equipment serving a range of purposes. For the purposes of architectural glass, lamination consists of inserting an EVA or PVB plastic film between two layers of glass and then bonding this glass-plastic “sandwich” together using heat and either pressure (applied inside an autoclave) or vacuum (suction drawn in a non-porous vacuum bag in a laminating oven). While the most common lamination layer is a thin, plastic film, the creative glass fabricator is not limited to laminating plastic films – other thin, decorative materials have been successfully laminated between two sheets of glass.

Autoclaves can be considered more flexible in the size and shape of glass construction that can be laminated, but the high working pressures require large, robust installations that can require precautions not needed for vacuum laminating bag oven systems.

When screen printers say “laminating machine,” they mean an enclosed vacuum table where a piece of paper, film or other substrate can be held down securely while a design is applied in paint, print, or design material. Glass Machinery Direct offers pre-owned vacuum tables for printers as well as traditional glass laminating machines.

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