Lifting Equipment

Whether you need lifting equipment to reposition glass inside your factory or whether you need it to move large, heavy windows into place at a construction site, glass cranes and lifts help you accomplish the job faster and more safely. Installation of huge panes of triple-glazed windows perhaps could not be done at all without the help of glass lifting equipment.

Glass lifts come with a nearly infinite range of features. Typically, lifters are equipped with adjustable glass-holding suction cups mounted on arms. Different methods may be used to produce the vacuum for a secure suction hold.  You can find compact, versatile lifters for moving medium-sized glass panes and large, purpose-built lifters meant specifically for lifting glass from vertical storage and placing it on a bed for horizontal processing. There is also a multitude of battery-driven glass-lifting cranes from simple to complex with the potential for multiple axis movement for precise placement, remote controls for operator comfort and attachments for completely different applications, such as lifting forks, winches, and man baskets.

Glass positioning and installation is a tough, physically demanding job. You can make it easier, and more efficient, and avoid accidents by using the right machine. Buying used lifting equipment is a great value. It’s a fantastic way to increase your shop floor and customer service capabilities at a reasonable cost. Contact Glass Machinery Direct for help finding a pre-owned machine that will work for you.

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