Printing & Painting Machines

There is a significant market for painted and printed architectural glass to enhance appearance, convey information, and even to capture artwork. Applications include windows and decorative building features, interior design, home appliance fashion and custom automotive glass.

The interest in decorative glass with bright colors and intricate patterns has led to the development of sophisticated glass printing and painting machines under fully automatic control, with integrated color application chambers isolated from the room, or load/unload conveyors that transport the in-process glass into a paint room and back out at the end.

These machines are essentially inkjet printers with varying, but impressive, resolution. They are capable of applying standard color palettes such as Pantone, RAL, CMYK and RBG. All have a drying feature so that the printed / painted glass exits the machine with the pigment fully adhered and stable on the glass substrate. Many of these machines feature paint / ink reclamation techniques to avoid waste, and color dispenser self-cleaning cycles to make it easier to prepare the equipment for the next pigment to be used.

These sophisticated glass painting and printing machines are a good target for the buyer with an eye for a deal. Because they are so expensive when new, they offer significant financial benefits to the business that snaps up a used machine to save a significant fraction of the capital outlay needed for a new one. Contact a Glass Machinery Direct sales engineer for help with the details on machines you see listed here, or for assistance finding other pre-owned equipment with the features you require.

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