Sell Your Used Equipment!

Sell Your Used Glass Machinery Quickly and Easily!

Thanks to our machinery experts with years of experience advertising the equipment in the market to attract potential buyers. Our team knows the proper techniques to help you get your machines sold. We aim to simplify the selling process so that you not only can sell the equipment on time but also at the right price.

We use proven methods to sell the machines quickly without wasting your significant amount of time. When you hire Glass Machinery Direct to get your glass machine sold, we know that you place your trust in our expertise. Our process to get your equipment sold comprises two ways-

·       On Consignment
·        Buyout

Whether you opt for a buyout or on consignment to sell, we make sure you get dependable services. Keep scrolling to learn more about our process to make your glass machinery sale simple, quick, and accessible.

Choose Cash Buyout and Make Glass Machinery Sale Hassle-free

At GMD, we know selling glass equipment or machines is often arduous. While you might find many interested buyers to purchase your devices, there is no guarantee that they will pay you on time. Here is when you need a credible buyer with years of experience in the glass equipment industry. 

Glass Machinery Direct BUYS your glass equipment as-is for cash. All you need is to choose our cash buyout option to sell your glass machinery, including cold presses, heat presses, glass washers, edgers, and drill machines and everything else. Our cash buyout option provides you with more control over your selling process.

This option is more convenient and accessible because it doesn’t require any legwork. All it takes is to reach out to us, and we take care of everything from quoting a price and rigging to shipping.   By selling to us, you dint have to worry about the lengthy process of finding and selling the machine yourself. You set the machine price and get all the profits.

Get in touch with us today to avail cash buyout and clean up the space it takes! Submit the form to get your cash buyout offer.

Choose Consignment and get most out of your Glass Machinery Sale

GMD has been serving businesses and individual sellers as the consignee for years.   When you partner with us to sell your used glass machinery on consignment, we become your local dealer and take up the responsibility to sell your machine. We create a comprehensive description of the machine, highlighting its condition and features.

We ensure incorporating the best marking practices to get your glass machine maximum exposure in the buying market. Our team has extensive connections and advertising experience in the market to attract potential buyers. The team ensures buyers see your machine’s benefits and understand how it can improve their business. There is no money exchange unless a third party purchases the glass machine.

Our extensive network of customers prefers buying used machines from us as we offer comprehensive financing options. Buyers’ financing options accelerate the selling process as you get many bids. You don’t have to worry about shipping if you live in North America. We can ship the machines to their new home safely.

GMD takes pride in connecting buyers and sellers in the glass industry using its extensive network. Our price rates are highly cost-effective. Depending on the type, size, and the number of machines you have, we charge an easy-to-play flat commission or base markup.

Go through our selling options and choose one that suits your needs the best!

How Do I Sell My Equipment Through Glass Machinery Direct?

Our process is simple for you – two steps and you’re done:

Contact us – You can fill out and submit the form below, or simply email or call us, and we will take your company contact information directly.

Describe your machine – You may choose to fill out the description form below or give us a call. We just need a few basics about your equipment, and we can take it from there. We can help you with getting photos, which can be very effective selling tools.

Send Us Your Machine Information & We Will Contact You!