Air Float & Cutting Machines

Glass cutting machines are a mainstay of every glass manufacturing operation for every possible application, taking larger glass sheets down to their final product size for the manufacture of insulated glass windows, tempered glass products, decorative glass shapes and any other flat glass product imaginable.

Available cutting machines run the gamut from completely manual glass cutting tables that simply provide a workspace and a means for gently but firmly holding the glass work, through fully automatic x-y glass cutting tables that load raw material, position it, cut it, and unload the final glass shape.

You will also find any available pre-owned waterjet cutting machines in this section. Waterjet cutting machines are capital-intensive to buy, making used machines a particularly attractive option. Fabricators will appreciate the power of waterjet cutting machines to penetrate thick glass or stacked sheets and its versatility in creating custom and intricate shapes without heating the work. A waterjet cutting machine can even be used on metal substrates.

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