Drilling Machines

While drilling functions may be included in more expensive CNC work stations or waterjet cutting machines, glass fabricators often need only the basic capability to drill holes in flat glass without cracking the glass or chipping the perimeter of the hole. Smaller operations will really appreciate the two-sided drilling capabilities of the machines offered in this section of Glass Machinery Direct’s used glass machine inventory.


Specialized glass drilling machines can create any desired number and size of holes, whether for a decorative pattern, for ventilation, or to allow later assembly. Typically, these mid-range machines can be run manually or under computer control. The integrated caster table makes it easy to deliver the glass to the right starting position, and the independent top and bottom drills operate together to produce high quality holes. These tools are water-cooled to prolong tool life and help prevent glass cracking due to differential thermal expansion at the edges of the hole compared to in the bulk glass away from the hole.


If you are looking for an affordable drilling machine – whether you need a basic, semi-automatic machine or a full CNC workstation capable of performing other operations too, like milling and edging, Glass Machinery Direct can help you find the used equipment that meets your needs for the right price.

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