Washing Machines

If there’s one piece of insulated glass fabrication equipment that you cannot do without, it’s the glass washing machine. No matter what architectural or decorative glass application you produce – whether it’s shower doors or tempered glass or insulated glass windows, your in-process glass gets washed at least once, and possibly two or three times before the final product rolls off the end of the line.

Glass sheet cleanliness before window assembly is all-important in producing a crystal-clear view through a double -or triple-pane window. Sealants adhere better to glass that is free of chemical residue or mechanical debris, and clean glass helps to protect the spacer bar from corrosion.

Features that you should look for and assess on a used machine include input and output conveyors with low-friction rollers in good condition; water tubing, nozzles and sprayers aimed properly and with no flow blockages; separate pre-wash spray and brush wash sections, with washing brushes in good repair, and an air knife dryer section that is blowing clean (non-oily) air with no misdirected or non-functional air holes.

A well-maintained glass washer will produce a quick payback on your investment. Glass Machinery Direct has access to a wide range of used washing machines. Whether you are looking for a conventional horizontal washer to minimize glass handling, or a vertical washer to save space and synchronize with the rest of your process, we can help you find it.

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